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How the fees on elev works

Kevin Mpunga

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To help ensure Elev runs smoothly and to cover the cost of services our HostGuarantee, We take a small percentage of rent that is paid monthly. Most of the time the fee is around 2-4% of the rent, that is split between the Host and the Student(s)

Host Fee

The Host Fee is a fixed 1% of the rent. If your rent is $1,000, $10 will be deducted from Rent collected and you will be paid out $990, on time, every month. If you're collecting bills like utilities on Elev, these will not be charged extra.

Student Fee

The Student Fee varies between 1-3% of the rent only (never including any extra costs like utilities) and depends on several factors like how much the rent is, what time of the year the booking is made and how long the lease lasts. 

Know what you pay

You will always be shown how much fees are taken, right from the beginning; this amount will be fixed throughout the lease and will never change. We never charge for any other fees, ever.

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