How to prepare for a successful property viewing


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A successful showing begins with a clean home that looks like the property photos. Students will expect to see the home they're ready to commit to, ready to move into, so here are some tips.
Clean the space:
  1. Make sure the home has been deep cleaned already so you're not rushed to clean it with short notice of a viewing.
  2. Clear the rooms of any unnecessary clutter to make the place inviting. Check closets and drawers for unknown items and keep furniture uncluttered.
  3. Keep the temperature inside comfortable. You should open the windows slightly so the viewer knows the airflow of the place and to clear up any scents in the home.
  4. Open the blinds/ curtains to showcase the natural lighting available.
  5. Additionally, turn on every light to showcase all the home's features. This also lets the viewer know that all the light switches work.
Pay special attention to key areas:

Bathrooms and kitchens get a lot of attention so ensure that both are spotless, organized and scent free.

Information students should know:

Students will want to know:

  • how strong the Wi-Fi is in key rooms due to study requirements
  • what the local neighborhood is like regarding noise and safety
  • where their parking location is
  • conditions of entering their home as a landlord, once they move in

This is the first time the student is meeting you as the landlord, so a clean home and comfortable viewing will set the bar for a great tenancy. 

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