How to: List an Entire Unit


Last Update 2 tahun yang lalu

The following video is a step-by-step tutorial on the 5-minute process of listing your rental on Elev.

To avoid getting stuck on a page, here are some important tips and highlights:

  1. We suggest you use the Chrome browser for a better listing experience
  2. Give your property a name that is catchy and describes the property at a quick glimpse (ex: Spacious apartment close to Oliver Square)
  3. Make sure to select the right tenant space so your listing shows up under the correct search filters. Is your place an Entire Unit or an Individual room?
  4. Type in the property location by filling in the address, and select the correct address suggestion. You will be able to move to the next step only after selecting the correct address suggestion.
  5. The number of bedrooms*, available bedrooms* and bathrooms* must be selected to move on to the next step.
  6. Have a minimum of five property images ready before starting your listing process. However, you can save draft and exit until you have your five images ready. You have the option to book a free photo-shoot if you are unhappy with your images.

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