How to communicate with tenants: Elev chat and inbox


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The two features

There are two ways to communicate on the Elev platform. They separate the messages from the appointments. The chat feature shows messages while the inbox carries only appointments that tenants have requested from you. From the inbox, you can click on View Profile to view the student's full profile information like their email, phone number, student's school and year of study, and general move-in information.

Elev chat

The chat feature shows both messages from tenants and non-tenants, which will show up under inquiries. A student can message the host from the listing's post if they have an inquiry. Your response will then appear on the message page, acting as a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page for future tenants to read. This will save you time but is also a reminder to remain professional.

Elev inbox

The inbox feature shows both viewing appointments and applications sent in. When a student schedules a viewing you will receive a message to confirm or decline.  

When a student sends you an application, click on your listing to open up the student's profile. And after reviewing that all the requirements are met, you can accept or decline the application. This option is irreversible so please connect with students before accepting or declining the request.

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